1. Choose a package and contact us for upload details (if providing footage). Alternatively, we can schedule filming dates if a filming package is desired. Payment details will be taken and charged at this point.

2. Upload video files to cloud platform and time markers for editing. Alternatively we will meet you at the schedule times for filming of the sporting event scheduled.

3. Let us do the work, we will take a few days to process all of the raw video files and make the necessary edits to create a professional video for you to share with coaches and scouts.

4. We will upload a video draft for you to review before final version.  At this time any edits or clips wanting to be cut out can be requested. Any extensive changes and edits may be quoted additionally.

5. We will make any changes if necessary after your review and will finalize the video.  At this point we will upload and create a link and share this link with you to download the file as well as upload to our web channel for instant sharing.

6. Enjoy your new professionally made sports reel!  We are confident that our work will help you get noticed.